Community Outreach and Public Relations

Community Outreach:  Includes the development of strategies to gain the participation, support, and involvement of individuals, local residents, communities, schools, businesses, political groups, property owners, ethnic groups, media, and other stakeholders interested in or impacted by the project and/or program; specific, targeted outreach; community relations/liaison services; stakeholder outreach and information campaigns; community presentations; grass-roots, door-to-door interview campaigns; community meetings; surveys and solicitation of community feedback; coordination with elected officials, project area residents, local Chambers of Commerce, community organizations, business associations, etc.; development of all collateral materials; narrative and statistical reports on program progress, results, and justification; presentations to Boards of Trustees, Commissioners, City Council members, etc.

Public/Media Relations:  Includes detailed public relations campaigns, including targeted and mass marketing plans; development and distribution of press releases, media alerts, newsletter/newspaper articles, advertisements, and promotional pieces; coordination and interviews with representatives from electronic and print media; dissemination of accurate, timely, and reliable project/program information; identification of targeted media outlets (ethnic newspapers, local cable TV channels, etc.) to maximize effectiveness and impact of the project or program; development/enhancement of website content to increase web traffic and publicity.


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